Origin:  Bergen, NO

Genres:  Modern hard rock

Years Active:  2012- Present


Label:  Unsigned

Website: silverend.no

Short Bio

On an island right where the rugged mountains meet the North sea, Silver End resides. After 6 years, having released two acclaimed albums and doing a lot of concerts, they are really looking forward to releasing their third album, Conquer the Silence.


Their sound is heavily influenced by the likes of Metallica, Breaking Benjamin and Nickelback. By taking a melodic approach to a pretty rough genre, their music has been very well received around the world, and their fanbase is still growing. 


With haunting melodies and riffs that will stick to your brain like nothing else, there are no dull moments when Silver End takes the stage.   


Tech Rider

Hospitality Rider


Management: KLEM Management Frode Klementsen | info@mysite.com

Booking:  klemanagement@gmail.com


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